Conditions of Carriage

Lynx value your custom and will endeavour to ensure you travel safely and in comfort on a clean, reliable bus service. Our staff will treat you with respect and courtesy and we expect you to treat them in the same way. The company will press for the strongest penalties against those who threaten or abuse our staff.

This document contains the Conditions under which we carry you and applies to anyone who travels with us. Our conditions are consistent with the relevant Statutory regulations including those concerning the conduct of passengers and lost property and do not affect your statutory rights.

We aim to provide a safe, reliable and punctual service but there may be times when we are unable to operate as advertised due to factors outside of our control such as road works, diversions, traffic congestion, vehicle breakdowns, major events and other unforeseen circumstances.

We will take reasonable steps to advise you of any disruption to our services, but we shall not be liable for losses, damages, cost or any inconvenience that you may suffer in the event of any cancellation, delay, diversion or any other event affecting our services.

Conduct of passengers

We reserve the right to refuse you entry, or require you to leave our buses or premises at any time if we have reason to believe your behaviour may jeopardize the safety, security and wellbeing of others. When travelling with us you must not
• smoke or consume alcohol
• behave in a manner that is threatening or abusive or that may cause offence for other customers and our staff
• eat or drink items that may make the environment unpleasant for other customers
• play loud music, operate personal music players, mobile phones, etc at a volume that may be heard by other customers
• leave rubbish or discarded items on the bus
• be wearing soiled clothes or carrying soiled items which might stain the seats etc
• except in an emergency, talk to the driver whilst the bus is moving, obstruct the driver’s vision or otherwise distract them
• distribute leaflets, papers or other articles or offer anything for sale or collect for charity
• interfere with or deliberately damage or deface any equipment or part of the vehicle

You must notify a member of staff immediately if you sustain an injury whilst boarding, travelling on or getting off one of our buses.

Most of our buses are fitted with CCTV to provide added security for our customers and staff. Any recordings made are used solely for the monitoring of safety, security, service quality and in support of any criminal or civil proceedings. Images or audio recordings of you may be provided to the police or any other relevant enforcement agency.

Getting on and off the bus

• when you wish to board a bus at a bus stop you should raise your arm to clearly indicate to the driver as all our stops are request stops
• you must not attempt to get on or off a bus which has stopped other than at a designated bus stop, e.g. road works, traffic lights etc.
• you must not use the emergency exits except in a genuine emergency
• when you come to get off the bus, ring the bell once in good time to alert the driver

Wheelchairs, small baby buggies, scooters, luggage & bicycles

All of our service bus fleet is DDA compliant and most are capable of carrying one wheelchair which should be parked as indicated on the bus with the brakes applied. Only certain types of mobility scooter can be carried and in order to travel must have a valid Lynx issued Scooter permit. 

We will, subject to space, carry unfolded baby buggies but these should not block the aisle at any time. In busy periods you may be asked to fold them down and place them in the luggage rack.

Reasonable items of luggage may be carried subject to the availability of space but hazardous materials such as fuel, car batteries etc. cannot be conveyed. Folding bicycles may be carried subject to space being available in the luggage pen providing they are contained within a bespoke bag. Any other types of bicycle are not permitted on our buses.

E-scooters or E-unicycles are not permitted on board any of our services.


Well behaved dogs or small animals which will not be a nuisance or danger to other customers may be carried on our vehicles, but should not be allowed onto the seats. The driver or other Company Official may ask you to remove your dog or animal if they are causing a problem on the vehicle.

Fares & tickets

Whenever you board a bus you must either
• show the driver a valid prepaid ticket, pass or concessionary card which the driver will check to confirm validity for the journey you are making
• pay the fare for the journey you intend to take to the driver whether specifically requested to do so or not
Where you make payment to the driver you should ensure that you are given a new ticket which corresponds to the amount you have paid and is valid for your entire journey. You must retain your ticket for the entire journey for inspection on demand by a Company Official. If you are unable to produce your ticket you may have to pay again for the journey that you are taking.

There is no charge for up to 2 children under 5 years when accompanied by a fare paying passenger. Additional children will be charged as if they were aged 5 or over. We offer reduced fares to young people aged 5 to 19 years.

Concessionary travel scheme

Concessionary travel schemes are operated by local authorities in England, the Scottish Government and the Welsh Assembly. We participate in the scheme according to their terms, conditions and rules which may vary from time to time. We only accept English National Concessionary cards and there are time constraints on their use imposed by Norfolk County Council.

Lost property

We will do our best to locate and return any property left on our buses or property to its owner for which there may be a small charge. If lost property is not claimed within a month, we will become the owner of such property and will dispose of it appropriately. Perishable lost property will be disposed of within 48 hours. Please contact us at the address and telephone numbers below if you wish to make an enquiry regarding lost property.

Data Protection

In circumstances where we collect your personal data in connection with a retail transaction, customer survey or other purpose, we will only process your data in accordance with the principles contained in the Data Protection Act 1998.


The governing law for these conditions shall be the laws of England.

Suggestions & complaints

We welcome suggestions and complaints as they help us to improve our services and help us to put things right when they have gone wrong. We handle complaints with tact and consideration and, where we have failed, will offer a sincere, speedy response together with a genuine commitment to avoiding a repetition. You can contact us by letter, telephone or email.

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