New bus times from 7th September 12/08/2020

From Monday 7th September 2020 we’re going to be making some changes to times on most of our bus routes. Whilst passenger numbers are still considerably lower than normal we’ve tried our best to add more buses and most routes will once again operate at their pre-April levels. This is to create additional capacity where demand has started to recover.

Please note that the current timetables published on our website (and roadside displays) will therefore finish on Sunday 6th September and not 31st August as originally stated.

A summary of these service changes are below:

Service 34/35/36 (buses between King’s Lynn and Hunstanton) – Original frequency of buses up to every 15 minutes Mondays to Saturdays restored. Other minor changes to timetable with slightly later journey from King’s Lynn and Hunstanton added.

Coastliner 36 – Minor changes to weekday early morning and afternoon journeys.

37 – Minor revisions to timetable.

38 – New 1010 journey from King’s Lynn to Fair Green and return journey now at 1225 instead of 1235.

39 – First journey from Marham to King’s Lynn brought forward by approximately 15 minutes and continues at King’s Lynn towards Q.E Hospital as Service 34 on Schooldays.

41 – Service partially reinstated but with limited timetable.

42 – Revised timetable with slightly later journey on Mondays to Saturdays.

43 – No changes but service now only available to High School students.

43A – Service withdrawn.

46/X46 – Revised timetable with re-introduction of school/college buses and improved frequency of up to every hour on Mondays to Fridays.

48/49/49A – Minor changes to timetable.

54 – Revised timetable with previously suspended journeys re-introduced.

55A/55B/55C – Revised timetable with buses arriving at school slightly later in the mornings. Service now only available to St Clements High School students only.

408 – New Schoolday only service from Heacham to Hunstanton, Smithdon High School. Service is only available to Smithdon High School students.

414 – No changes. Service now only available to Alderman Peel High School students only.

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