From Sunday 7th April 2019 we’re going to be making some minor changes to some of our routes, mainly in preparation for the summer season. From the same date we’ll also be making some changes to fares on certain routes so that our bus services continue to be sustainable in the longer term.

You’ll also be able to pay for fares that are £30 or less by Visa or Mastercard contactless cards or by Apple or Google Pay.

You can now track our buses on the ZipTrip app too which is available free in the Google Play Store and App Store:


A summary of our service changes are as follows:

Service 34/35/36 (King’s Lynn to Hunstanton)

- Improved frequency of buses on Sundays and Bank Holidays with buses operating every 20 minutes instead of half hourly.
- An additional later bus on Saturday evenings until 21st September. This journey departs King’s Lynn at 2140hrs and Hunstanton at 2235hrs.
- Minor changes to bus times to help make our buses more punctual in the face of ever growing traffic congestion and roadworks.

Coastliner 36 (King’s Lynn – Hunstanton – Wells-next-the-Sea – Fakenham)

- Minor timetable changes to help buses keep to time in the busy summer months.
- More buses on Sundays!
- On Saturdays until 21st September buses will run up to every 30 minutes between Hunstanton and Wells-next-the-Sea.

Services 48, 49 and **NEW** 49A

- Minor changes to times on Service 48 between King’s Lynn and Grimston to help keep buses to time
- New service 49A operates between King’s Lynn, Gayton, Great Massingham, Harpley and Fakenham.
- Buses now operate up to every 60 minutes between King’s Lynn and Fakenham on Mondays to Fridays.
- New Sunday and Bank Holiday bus service between Fakenham, Grimston, Gayton and King’s Lynn.


Although most fares we offer will remain unchanged, we’re having to make some selective changes to bus fares on some of our routes. Unfortunately this is necessary in the face in ever increasing operating costs. Some of the increase in costs is linked to increased traffic congestion and endless roadworks throughout the County.

Fares within King’s Lynn town (and other local fares elsewhere)

- One-way tickets that are currently £1.80 Adult, £1.40 16-19 and £1.20 Child will increase on all routes to £2 Adult, £1.60 16-19 and £1.40 Child.
- All other local fares such as two-trip and weekly tickets will remain unchanged.

Fares on routes 34, 35 and Coastliner 36

- There will be an increase to most fares between Hunstanton, Wells-next-the-Sea and Fakenham on Coastliner 36 to ensure that the service is financially viability throughout the year. Traditionally this route had been heavily subsidised by Norfolk CC but this is no longer the case so the fares we take need to cover the operating costs to ensure that the service survives all year round.
- The majority of fares between King’s Lynn and Hunstanton on services 34, 35 and 36 are unchanged but there are some selective changes so that our fares follow a more consistent pattern.
- Unlimited travel Day, 3day and 7day tickets will remain unchanged.
Fares on routes 48 and 49
- The majority of fares on routes 48 and 49 are unchanged but there are some selective changes.

Fares on routes 48 and 49

- The majority of fares on routes 48 and 49 are unchanged but there are some selective changes.

Don’t forget our 2-trip tickets are valid for any 2 journeys within a month so represent much better value than buying one way tickets!