Jforex history.getbar forex apakah haram

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getFinancialInstrument("EUR/USD"); IBar prevBar = history.getBar( financialInstrument, Period.ONE_HOUR, OfferSide.

jforex history.getbar

TEN_SECS, tick.getTime()); List bars = history.getBars(instrument, Period. TEN_SECS, OfferSide.BID, history.getTime(); long lastBarTime = history.getBarStart(period, lastTickTime); List bars = history.getBars(instrument ...

getConsole(); history = context.getHistory(); } public void ... List bars = history.getBars(instrument, Period.Consider getting all historical orders created over the last 10 bars: IBar bar10 = history.getBar(Instrument.EURUSD ...Consider a strategy which retrieves first historical data for multiple candle ... getBarStart(period, timeCandle + period.

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getConsole(); this.history = context.getHistory(); chart ... IBar prevBar = history. getBar(instrument, this.period, OfferSide.EURUSD); this.history = context.getHistory(); this.console = context.getConsole(); IBar bar = history.getBar(chart.Contribute to JForex-Utilities development by creating an account on GitHub. ... printErr("Cannot get bar history", ex);.