Frequently Asked Questions

If you have never travelled by lynx before you've probably got some questions about our services. Below you will find a list of common questions that you may have but please contact us if we haven't answered your question below!

Q: Can I use my concessionary bus pass on lynx?

A: Yes. We accept all English National Concessionary Travel Scheme bus passes for free travel at or after 0930hrs Monday-Fridays and all day Saturday, Sunday & Bank Holidays. Don't forget if you're travelling before 0930hrs on Monday-Friday you can receive a discount by showing your pass to your driver. 

Q: Can I bring my baby buggy on lynx?

A: Yes. All of our buses are low floor with kneeling suspension to assist you if you're boarding with a buggy. Most buses have a space for at least 2 buggies but please be mindful that you may be asked to move your buggy or fold it up if a wheelchair user wants to travel on the bus too. If you wish to board and the buggy space is full you will be asked to fold it up, please ask your driver if you need any assistance. 

Q: Can I bring my wheelchair on lynx?

A: Yes, wheelchairs can travel on lynx but please be aware that we only have space for one wheelchair on each bus. Please ensure that you position your wheelchair so the back is firmly against the back board with any bags removed from the handlebars. The wheelchair must fit in the designated bay area and not obstruct the aisle. The combined weight of the wheelchair (and person in it) cannot exceed 300kg as this would cause damage to the ramp.

Q: Can I bring my mobility scooter on lynx?

A: Yes, but only certain types with a prior Lynx issued mobility scooter permit.

Certain types of scooters available to persons with reduced mobility are not intended for use on public transport or as manoeuvrable in confined spaces as a standard wheelchair. With this in mind we undertake a short mobility scooter assessment at depot prior to issuing any permit to travel on our buses. Before attending the assessment it's helpful to ensure that your scooter meets the following criteria:

  • Must have 'Type 2' designation

  • Weight of the scooter (with passenger sitting on) cannot exceed 300kgs 

  • Must have either 3 or 4 wheels

  • Must not exceed the dimensions of 60cm (width) x 100cm (length)

  • Must have a turning circle of 120cm or less

Scooter Assessments take place on the first Tuesday of each month but booking is essential so please contact us in advance first.

You can read more about the carriage of mobility scooters on the UK Government website here.

Q: Can I bring my dog on lynx?

A: Yes. All well behaved dogs are welcome aboard lynx, please ensure they keep their paws off the seats though. We charge £1 (for a Day Rover!) ticket for dogs travelling in our Coast zone so be sure to check our map to see if your pooch will need to pay a fare. 

Q: I left something on a lynx bus, what do I need to do?

A: Please give us a call on 01553 611955 and we will do our very best to reunite you with your lost item!

Q: Can I bring food and drink on board?

A: You're welcome to bring food and non alcoholic drinks on board but hot food cannot be brought on our buses, we want to make sure the travelling environment is clean and fresh for everyone! Please use litter bins provided to dispose of any litter.

Q: Can I listen to music or use my mobile phone on lynx?

A: Yes. Feel free to have a conversation on a mobile phone or to listen to music but please keep any noise to a minimum as not everyone may appreciate your genre of music or the ins and outs of your private life! If you're listening to music please keep the volume down and always use earphones/headphones. 

Q: Can I bring my bike on lynx?

A: Unfortunately normal bikes are not allowed on board a lynx bus. However if you have a bike that fully folds up (to the size of its wheel) you're welcome to bring this on board and stow it in the luggage pen providing it's contained within its bespoke bag. 

Q: Can I smoke on a lynx bus?

A: No, it is illegal to smoke in enclosed public spaces such as buses and bus shelters. We do not allow E-cigarettes on our services either, sorry.

Q: How do I tell the driver I want to board or alight a lynx bus?

A: If you are waiting at a bus stop and wish to board a lynx bus please ensure that you signal to our driver by putting your hand out in good time. It is also helpful to wear bright clothing during times of darkness. If you're already on board and wish to alight at the next bus stop please signal to the driver by ringing the bell and for your safety remain seated until the bus has stopped. 

Q: Do I need to pay with the correct change?

A: If you're paying with cash it is helpful if you do have the right money but if you haven't don't worry as our drivers do carry change. All of our buses now accept payment for fares that are £30 (or less) using contactless Visa or Mastercard as well as Google or Apple Pay. Give us a call on 01553 611955 if you need to find out about the exact fare. 

Q: How safe are lynx buses?

A: All of our buses undergo a strict maintenance regime where they are inspected thoroughly by a skilled engineer every 4 weeks. Our drivers also play a key role in the maintenance regime by inspecting vehicles at the start and at the end of every working day. Most of our fleet is also equipped with a comprehensive CCTV system as safety of our customers and staff is paramount.

Q: Can I save money if I am a regular traveller? 

A: Yes, we offer a wide range of tickets for regular travellers including 10-trip, Weekly, Monthly and Annual tickets. Don't forget children and young persons get discounts on all tickets too. For more information on our ticketing types please click here or call us on 01553 611955.